On Is It Acceptable To Have Children?

@hockeymom They aren't free-range in Brooklyn, though.

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On Is It Acceptable To Have Children?

Kids are great and I have no regrets, but I was very ambivalent about it for years. One you open up yourself to it and start talking about it, the answers come pretty quickly. (Then, years later, they go-all pre-teen on your ass, and they may as well be feral cats, and then that ambivalence kind of rears the ugly head again).

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On Murderous Twinkie Will Still Be Made After Bankruptcy Sale

Twinkies are the Rasputin of the junk food world. They will just not die. On the other hand, I am now plotting a way to leave work to get down to Chicago and Lake to buy some Choco Roles RIGHT NOW. (Remind me some slow night to go on a drunken rant about my love for all things Marinela.)

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On A Ton of Long Things You Can Start Watching on Netflix Now!

Whenever I am snowed in, I always whip out the BBC mini-series of "Pride and Prejudice".

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On The Killer Crush: The Horror Of Teen Girls, From Columbiners To Beliebers

This is so interesting. I kind of always considered the fangirls who loved Ramirez, or Ted Bundy as just an extension of rebellion in their crushes. I had conversations like that in the 80's. One girl would cause a scandal by declaring Boy George "hot" (androgyny in the south suburbs of Mpls was hella scary back then)and the other girl would whip out her Trapper Keeper with pictures of Ted Bundy all over it. This whole phenom and sub-culture on the internet is so bizarre.
BUT, I will admit here and now thatI knew every vital statistic on the member of Duran Duran so well, that 25 years later, I will look at the calendar and think "Hmmm...June 8, got to drive kids to both baseball and soccer tonight, my mortgage is late, and HEY IT'S NICK RHODES' BIRTHDAY!"

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On What Happened? Ask A Guy Who Didn't Watch the RNC Who Follows Liberals on Twitter

Conventions are much better when you just read Twitter. Before my mom passed last year, we used to get on the phone or get together and hate-watch the conventions, so I decided to skip this election cycle completely. She would have completely lost her mind about the chair incident, though.

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On 'Rebecca': The Real Housewives Of Cornwall County

I had watched "Rebecca" for the first time and not even a week later, I watched the doc "Celluloid Closet". They had a huge piece on Mrs. Danvers and her lust for Rebecca, and how groundbreaking it was in film that it wasn't "straightened out".

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On The CD At 30

@Matt I HAVE THAT CD!!!!

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On Not-Yet-Famous People And Whether They Lived Or Died On "The X-Files"

I need to just drop myself into an X-File vortex and start watching them all over again. I had totally forgotten about Luke Wilson, and that was a great episode.

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On The CD At 30

My roommate had gotten a brand new CD player for Christmas, and she had no CD's. At all. I remember standing in Musicland with her and we were holding both the cassette and the "longbox" for a Beastie Boys album. We both thought that the cassette would be the best long-term investment, because this CD business seemed to new-fangled and sketchy.

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