On How Much More Do Bridesmaid Dresses Cost Today?

I wish I'd seen teh call for this! My mom made wedding and bridesmaids dresses in the 80s & 90s and used to keep a picture of every dress she made. Oh the huge sleeves of the princess years! The jewel tones and bizarre skirt and sleeve lengths. She did a basket weave on the bodices of two dresses, I remember her staying up late nights to fold and iron and weave the silk.

If I could find that photo album, I'd have the best tumblr ever.

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On A Drynuary Diary: Week Two

@Sugartits@twitter But Franglais makes anything acceptable.

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On "The O.C." Characters, In Order

I only watched a couple episodes of The OC and then shunned ti so I could be cool and punk rock, but you are really making me want to go back and watch it all. I fail at being punk rock.

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On A Drynuary Diary: Week One

@boysplz I can't find a reasonable, um, supplier, so I guess I'm having a dry January (and mayber 2012) in the same way. It hasn't helped with the crafting yet, but I did get a pile of Daria on DVD this week, and two days later, a sewing machine. I can combine those, right?
My trippy dreams are a result of not smoking cigarettes, but I suppose the other not smoking might be contributing too. You've given me a lot to think about.

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On A Drynuary Diary: Week One

I skipped a party on NYE and picked up a bottle of rum on the way home, only to have one drink and then deciding to do Drynuary. I've only had one or two cigarettes this year too (on the 1st) but that's mostly because I was sick. And then just to see how long this non-smoking thing could be kept up.
I'm usually more optimistic in January, but it could be the not drinking, the not smoking, the insanity at work, or some other stuff (mumble mumble). Anyway, I'm kind of a bitch this week, but that could be anything. It's probably the fact that I'm not sleeping because these nicotine withdrawal nightmares are INSANE. I've been carrying a pack around with me all week but I haven't broken yet. Ugh. I'll just have to smoke twice as much next month. (And I'm NOT giving up coffee, although it's been more tea than coffee so far this week.)

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On Why Do the French Hate Paper Bags So?

It may be a bit more pricey (than free bags) but paper towel does this really well too.

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On Drinks That You Should be Ashamed to Order in Public


Agreed! But have you tried Apricat? It's so good it's almost worth the hangover.

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On May 21: The Rapture Meets My 40th Birthday

@DennyCrane My understanding of the Rapture is that it leaves the planet pretty Hell-like, and while true believers ascend to Heaven, the doubters are left to hang out.

Since I won't be doing any ascending, looting seems like an ok consolation.

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