On The John Oliver Video Sweepstakes

The (Ad Revenue) Sharing Economy

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On Cloud Nothings, "Now Hear In"

The self-titled is still my favorite Cloud Nothings album. Thank you for warning me about the P-men that will be coming to find and eradicate my disc.

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On Talking Heads Albums, In Order

surprised but happy to report that this is actually completely correct

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On The College Journalism of 'Prometheus' Dreamboat Logan Marshall-Green

Now I can’t stop thinking about how cool it would be if Prometheus opened with “Jumper” and closed with “Semi-Charmed Life.”

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On You Are Not a Curator, You Are Actually Just a Filthy Blogger

@@curateordie I feel the need to highly recommend the "curateordie" Twitter account that posted this. It is my new favorite thing on the internet.

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On Free To Be... Straight White Males

I think the problem I had with Scalzi's piece is that it's just a bad analogy? Life isn't a videogame, and anything that starts with "If we think of life as a videogame," is probably going to be pretty incoherent. Once the essay got to telling me that wealth is a "stat" but race and gender are "difficulty settings" (and expected me to appreciate the difference and find the point salient)...that's when I clicked close tab.

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On Jon Stewart, Stop Hurting America!

Great piece. Gets at a lot of what sometimes aggravates me about The Daily Show, despite my deep and abiding love for the show and Jon.

My question is: when will Stewart acknowledge that he is a legitimately influential political commentator? Yeah, it's comedy, but it's comedy about important things and it has a (usually smart) perspective. I worry about him becoming another hack like Bill Maher, just playing to people who already agree with him.

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On The Story Of The Moon


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On 'Continuity 2': Our Favorite Time-Waster Grows Up

Damn, thanks for Continuity. Just beat all thirtysomething levels at work.

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On Battle Of The 80's Comedies

@antarcticastartshere you're mistaken about the Chuck Berry bit. Marty took it from Chuck, who then took it from Marty. a white boy didn't write it because, in the world of the movie, no one wrote it.

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