On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

@Peter HH@twitter Because this article is the pits.

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

Love that the ad under the article proclaims "REVEAL YOUR EVEN-TONED UNDERARMS" Yes. Do it america. They are revealed.

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On With the Ladies in the Back at an Odd Future Show

This article should be stapled to the face of every blogger who thinks OF's music is uncomplicated by social issues. Tyler will soon have a Stan moment where he realizes he can't just say whatever shady shit comes into his head anymore. Until then, we can enjoy the chaos, as long as we take it as signal from a very fucked up place, not as a meter of what women/gays shouldn't be offended by anymore.

So what I'm saying is: this is a great piece of writing.

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