On "Mercedes Took the Express Elevator up to Sid’s Rarefied World"

...but hey, she's alright

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On Natural Disasters are Great for a Recession

@Tulletilsynet It is easier to swim in shorts...

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On Monument Mountain

This is a great story, Matthew! Hope the reading/performance went well!

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On Nine Wisconsinites Who Are Screwing Up America

But also, let's remember how awesome Tammy Baldwin is!

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On Edith Zimmerman on Chris Evans and the Gutters of L.A.

loved this very much, also: what diameter were his hands making during the part of this interview??

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On This New Food Pyramid is a Plate! And Also a Scam

@Gef the Talking Mongoose What is a "reader"?

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On A Blueprint for a Takeover: Wisconsin Republicans Lied While the Kochs Schemed

Abe, congrats on this and once again on the Target work...how delightful to see Lady Gaga's diss of Target based on this reportage!

It can make a difference!

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On Your Daily Primer on the "Middle East"

What's happening in "Hosting the world cup" Qatar?

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On Alice Wright: Webmistress and Coder Girl

i really liked this comment too, despite my note below (and that blog is a bit way snarkier than I had imagined it would be; I was so high from reading about geekfeminism wrt wikipedia's male bias questions this morning)

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On Alice Wright: Webmistress and Coder Girl

I don't know, I've spent a lot of time coding today, and I like reading that word, and I like this coder's attitude, and who cares what it's called....we're anti-social!

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