On 'Bridesmaids': Am I Doing Being A Woman Wrong?

It's great to see debate about Bridesmaids, but it seems Michelle Dean saw a different flick from the one I saw.

Five Major Fact Points This Critique Got Wrong:

1) Without giving it away, the fat girl does get a sexy guy in the end. Though the butt of humor, she at the same time does have great appeal without make-up, froth and figure.

2. Why can't a skinny girl be the butt of humor? In fact, kristin Wiig is quite thin and the movie's central butt of humor.

3. Wedding critiques: The writer has missed the campy send-up of weddings as central to this film's existence -- it would be leaden and unfunny to come out in some kind of diatribe polemic. That would be rhetoric. This is a satiric comedy.

4. Claim: This movie is only about getting a man. That is incorrect. The real divider is that Maya Rudolph's character is marrying up and marrying into a new wealthy crowd -- it is the money, not the man that separates these best friends. And that is why Kristen Wiig cannot sit in first class with her buddy, ultimately leading to their huge rift. (And Maya's contrition.)

5. It's just not a little something that gets Kristen Wiig fired as maid of honor -- she commits a major, major gaffe with major consequences for the bridal party. (Enough said, no plot spoiling here.) This gaffe would have gotten any maid of honor anywhere in the world FIRED.

It appears that this author has misread major points in this movie in the desire to slam the Apatow machine. Sure, the shit in the street scene was crass and pointless, but I still laughed my head off! More to the point, the movie satirizes elitism and outrageous weddings while making a nod to ravages of the recession, along with heartfelt conflicts and resolutions of a good- old-fashioned buddy film.

Posted on May 16, 2011 at 8:03 pm 1