On As Goes Wisconsin, So Goes Hell

Great article, made me feel your frustrated paint. One question. What are some of these legitimate arguments against collective bargaining for public sector employees? I'm still interested in where this started even if the union bosses are D-bags, who I'm sure have truck nutz, and the whole thing is set to destroy the national political landscape.

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On A Crash Guide To Filling Out Your Bracket

Great article, just one point as a rabid Jayhawk fan. In 1993 the 'hawks were a two seed. The only time all four ones have made the final four was 2008, which turned out pretty well.

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On Drinks That You Should be Ashamed to Order in Public

So I suppose more importantly, what is acceptable to order in public?

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On State Slogans: Ranked And Saluted

As a Kansan, I can tell you "as big as you think" has been turned into a rather catchy bumper sticker that says "as bigoted as you think." But I still miss our old slogan, "Kansas, the land of Ahhhs."

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