On Man Struck By Bike

I have sympathy for the person who wrote the original text, as somebody who's been struck by a cyclist as a pedestrian myself (on an extremely wide sidewalk where I was standing pretty much motionless at the very edge carefully looking both ways whilst waiting to cross the street--it was very not fun).

But while I would definitely encourage cyclists to take more care of pedestrians when they are on sidewalks (which is illegal but I've spent enough time on a bike in a not-so-bike-friendly city to know it's often necessary) I do think the best solutions to the bike vs. pedestrian problem is to give cyclists more safe ways and for everyone to be more aware of them. (Though, seriously, please be careful when you're riding your bike on the sidewalk.)

(Oh but also, also, car drivers, please remember you're supposed to give cyclists a full lane when you pass them. I see way too many drivers get way too close to cyclists.)

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On Ask Polly: Should I Give In And Be The Other Woman?

To LW#1, I'd also offer up the advice that while it sounds like she's hoping for a "no-strings-attached" affair, that's really unlikely in this situation. He's already neglected to mention even having a girlfriend, and my guess is you probably don't know much about her? (You probably don't know much about him, either?) Keep in mind that the longer you keep up a relationship with him the more likely it is she's going to not only find out who you are, but also get a hold of your contact info. She may not do anything with that information. Or she may actually contact you.

Several years back a guy asked me on a date and when I went to meet him outside his work he was locked in an intense staring contest with a woman as they growled things at each other under their breath. I should have run the other direction then, as I wasn't super enthusiastic about the date in the first place, but I did not and when she left he told me she was his "roommate" and they'd had a fight.

I kinda assumed she was an ex and they were still living together because those things happen and it's rough and I didn't push the subject. Later that night though she called my cell phone. Repeatedly. And eventually left me a message telling me that this guy was her boyfriend and calling me some names I guess I won't repeat because it isn't important.

Now, I don't actually even know if she was really his girlfriend--he could have totally been telling the truth--but it does kinda break down the illusion of the no-strings-attached romance, doesn't it? I felt pretty "lucky" that she never called me again after that night, but I wasn't exactly thrilled she had my phone number in the first place.

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On Why Can't Nigel Spell?

@hman I spent a semester studying abroad in London and it left me more confused than ever about spelling. I'm pretty sure I still don't have my s's and z's straight. (Related note: not sure how to properly pluralize those.) I have always preferred to spell "gray" as "grey," but I'm pretty sure Crayola's responsible for that one.

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On Man Goes Hungry

Am I...the only person who thinks the restaurant is guilty on this particular count? I'm not going to pretend to think it's healthy to eat that much fried fish, and I think the fellow should pay his tab, but these are separate issues. Just...why even advertise anything as all you can eat when you know that you've got a customer like this coming in to your place? Put a disclaimer on that or don't advertise it at all.

I am taking this way too seriously. But come onnnn. (Also, deep dish pizza is amazing. I don't know what some of y'all are talking about.)

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

Well, I like the current system, so I am in favor of keeping the new system fairly similar also? But nesting is nice. I do like the alternating thread colors, as others have mentioned. Editable comments would be nice! I think you've already hit on this, but the accountability thing you talk about with facebook commenting doesn't really seem necessary here. Generally the comments are great. There are so many sites where I say, "Don't read the comments, don't read the comments," but here I'm always like, "don't forget to read the comments!" So I guess I'm weighing in more as a comment appreciator than a person who actually makes comments.

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On Midwest-Based Man Unable to Find Pleasing Meals

I feel the author could have avoided some confusion/derision by mentioning that he doesn't really cook for himself, and that he's only talking about dining out, and part of his trouble is finding places to eat when he's on the road. It really didn't help his case that he started so early talking about how he was frequenting the big-time meat venders in KC--knowingly! Well, yeah, you aren't going to find good vegetarian meals at the BBQ places and steakhouses and such. Surprise? HOWEVER. "In truth, it is less satisfying to be a vegetarian here. Those on the coasts have it better." That is fair enough, I think. Still, I've lived in Missouri all my life, and went vegetarian in 2000. It can be annoying to be a vegetarian, and how good/bad it is depends partly on where you are, but I've never experienced the hunger pains he seems to be complaining of! KC doesn't have as many options as, say, St. Louis, but I've been there a few months now and really am doing okay! The vegetarian-friendly restaurants are harder to find, but they exist, and honestly if you can't cook for yourself you can always go to Trader Joe's for some reasonably good frozen and microwavable options. You will not STARVE, is what I'm saying. No need to be overly dramatic.

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On Garbage Bear Goes For A Ride

@Smitros Something like this? Please just say yes. Sshhhh. (Apparently this is what happens when I check out the Awl late at night when I am bored?)

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On Your Honey Is Fake

This is interesting. I started buying local organic honey at the recommendation of a friend who does medical research, when I told him how terrible my allergies were. While I can't say for certain that this was what caused me to suffer so much less from allergies (pretty night-and-day difference, actually) I've seen no reason to mess with a good thing and have been continuing to buy local honey ever since. On the one hand this article makes me a little extra glad I do this, but on the other hand it reminds me that honey is used in plenty of other things I don't think about, and I can never really be sure that my food isn't laced with harmful antibiotics and whatnot, and...I'll just be eying all the food in my cupboards suspiciously for the next good while, excuse me.

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On An Interview with X-Men's Cyclops, Who Sucks

Wow. I'm not sure I can deny my internet-crush on doctordisaster any longer.

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On 41 Movie Remakes That Would Destroy What Remains Of My Youth, In Order Of Heartbreak

Somehow I suspect if they did a remake of Willow a lot less of the cast would be made up of little people. Though we'd probably get a Warwick Davis cameo. Also, my money is on Ryan Reynolds as Madmartigan.

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