On You, Me And "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

I discovered TNG on Spike in high school and fell immediately in love with Wesley. Because what type A, overachieving, nerdy girl wouldn't? But I also developed a parallel love for Picard that has lasted until this day.

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On You, Me And "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

@AHP Inner Light is pretty great.

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On 'The Mists Of Avalon': Free To Be In Camelot

Oh man. I never became a pagan or anything (although I did take a slightly mystical detour to my Catholicism when I was a young teen, thanks probably in equal parts to Mists of Avalon and an obsession with Joan of Arc), but I did love this book (and, admittedly, the miniseries) SO HARD. It was my first accidental encounter with feminist literature or erotica of any kind. The latter made me more than a little uncomfortable at 13, but it was totally awesome.

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On How To Make Veggie And Chicken Stock

Jolie! Do you have an opinion on using leek tops in stock? Because the internet is conflicted, but I have been cooking with leeks lately and don't want to pitch the tops.

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On Sneak Peek: NBC's "Smash" Self-Leaks Its First Episode on Airplanes

Unpopular opinion, but I watched it on Hulu and kind of liked it? The songs are Broadway-good because they are...meant to be Broadway songs. A little overproduced at times, yes, but no more so than almost any Glee or American Idol number (or, really, any Broadway show in the Wicked vein).

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On 'Bridesmaids': Am I Doing Being A Woman Wrong?

@saythatscool And, really, a lot of the jokes that revolve around her sexuality have to do with her weight. Like when she lifts her leg and talks about the heat from her undercarriage. It'd probably be funny with a thinner lady, but I highly doubt it would have elicited the same response from the audience as it did when I saw it.

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On 'Bridesmaids': Am I Doing Being A Woman Wrong?

I agree that there are troubling aspects of 'Bridesmaids' (especially Megan) and that it doesn't really go far enough to challenge the ridiculous contemporary wedding culture (although I think the sheer excess of Helen, the shower, and the ceremony are cast as absurd and somewhat questioned), but I feel like the importance of "having a man" isn't as strong as you make it out to be. I didn't read Annie's "fear and anxiety" as over losing Lillian "to the land of men" or of not ever getting married herself, but as just a fear of losing the primary relationship in her life. They've been friends since childhood, Annie doesn't have many other friends, and marriage/moving is a big life change that will almost definitely change Annie & Lillian's relationship. Hell, my best friend moved to Seattle to live with her (female) fiance and I felt a bit like Annie!

And, yes, Annie's life does seem to be backsliding and this contributes to her panic over the changing relationship, but is that that weird/distasteful? Being in a shitty place in life /does/ make it more difficult when the people around you aren't, so, while it definitely isn't flattering to Annie's character, it's not that off-base.

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