On Why Victoria Wood Is The Funniest British Comedian You've Never Heard Of

I'm pretty sure the reason behind this is her stupid fucking haircut.

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On Mitt Romney's Shocking Secret: I Was a Teen Illiterate!


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On What if Obama Does a Full-Reverse on Gay Marriage Today?

Christian? I thought Barack Hussein Osama was a Muslin? I don't see any conflict between gay rights and Muslin values.

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On Kraftwerk: The Warhol Of Pop

Link not working for me... no fahren auf der autobahn.

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On A Playlist Of Game-Changing Moments In Song

I'm fully in support of this enterprise... but maybe start with more "mainstream" pop hits?

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On Project Glass: The Future That No One Wants

"Remind me to kill myself later."

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On Is Lady Pretty? World Rushes To Debate


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On Could There Be More Than One Stupid Moon?

Someone alert Haruki Murakami.

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On Come Back to Greater Kazakhstan

Delightfully: 0

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On Serious Existentialist Sasha Grey

I think I've had it with her?

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