On Rough Month For School Hater Jeb Bush

@jolie The way to train for those vocations is to train for the same vocations, but without the "sports" in front of it. Want to learn about the business of sports? Study business. Want to learn about sports marketing? Study marketing. Want to learn about sports finance? ...you get the idea. "Sports management" as an undergraduate (or high school or, god forbid, elementary) focus is pretty ridiculous and utterly pointless. I suppose the same is true for any number of hyperfocused majors/emphases but this is the one with which I am most familiar. I am not sure who is more at fault - millennials (and their parents) who think that every academic and extracurricular pursuit HAS to be hyperfocused ... or the business side of academics that keep coming up with shiny new "catchy" areas of study. Or maybe something else. I don't know what I'm talking about.

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On "Negroni Season": The Fan Fiction

@saythatscool My Negronis Seem So Smart But I'm Also Scared About My Negronis

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On War Reporting For Bloody Dummies

Ok, but SHOULD he have cleaned off his brain?

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On Sind Sie Bereit Für Ein "Schneefälle"?

@freetzy That's how it reads in German, too; it's not just some sort of inadvertently blunt Google translation. And yeah, that's pretty much it.

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On It's The Toast

@melis FINE. But I stand by my assertion that he's no lady.

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On It's The Toast

@iceberg (and stc, though really when you get right down to it he is neither amazing, talented, wonderful, nor lady)

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On It's The Toast

@melis I can't get your site to work on the computer, can you just print it out and mail me a copy?

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On The Zip Code Is 50

"therefore, international outbound mail should not include an American ZIP code in the delivery address"

Wikipedia: servicey.

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On Electrocuted Alien Corpse Sadly Inauthentic

@NotAndersonCooper This is a lie.

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On The Politician Full Of "Hot Air"


Detroit is a riverfront metropolis, not a lakefront metropolis. While much of the Detroit area borders upon Lake St. Clair, the city itself borders on the Detroit River. I expect a full retraction and apology. Thank you.

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