On "Negroni Season": The Fan Fiction

@saythatscool My Negronis Seem So Smart But I'm Also Scared About My Negronis

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On War Reporting For Bloody Dummies

Ok, but SHOULD he have cleaned off his brain?

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On Sind Sie Bereit Für Ein "Schneefälle"?

@freetzy That's how it reads in German, too; it's not just some sort of inadvertently blunt Google translation. And yeah, that's pretty much it.

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On It's The Toast

@melis FINE. But I stand by my assertion that he's no lady.

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On It's The Toast

@iceberg (and stc, though really when you get right down to it he is neither amazing, talented, wonderful, nor lady)

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On It's The Toast

@melis I can't get your site to work on the computer, can you just print it out and mail me a copy?

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On The Zip Code Is 50

"therefore, international outbound mail should not include an American ZIP code in the delivery address"

Wikipedia: servicey.

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On Electrocuted Alien Corpse Sadly Inauthentic

@NotAndersonCooper This is a lie.

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On The Politician Full Of "Hot Air"


Detroit is a riverfront metropolis, not a lakefront metropolis. While much of the Detroit area borders upon Lake St. Clair, the city itself borders on the Detroit River. I expect a full retraction and apology. Thank you.

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On Woah! It's Lame Twitter

@Peter Feld That's pretty silly to think that everyone copied This Recording. Many people have used it semi-ironically over the years as a play on Victorian-era titling conventions. The one that I always think of when using it was Winnie-the-Pooh. But sure, yeah, This Recording, whatever.

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