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By petejayhawk on Should You Tweet?

I follow back.

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By jolie on Nothing Salt Can Stay

Anyway! I'm gonna go reread Cat's obituary now.

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By jolie on Nothing Salt Can Stay

Oh man. I don't actually care at all about the joint closing but ... that old Awl post was one of the best of all time—I was randomly thinking of it the other day, in fact!—and it just makes me so sad in a deep, crushing way to remember it now that everything that was once good is gone and dead and everything is terrible.

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By Krugmanic Depressive on Rough Month For School Hater Jeb Bush

Since this is a website that is pedant-friendly, might I suggest that the apostrophe in front of the 10/12/16 be turned into an actual apostrophe rather than the opening single quote that it is? You know, the tail should point down, etc., etc.

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Because I could not favorite Death--
He kindly RT'd me--
The Carriage held but just Ourselves--
And 1 Weird Trick for a Flat Belly

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By saythatscool on "Negroni Season": The Fan Fiction

My Negronis!

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By harrumph on Millennial Fired For Tweet

@Morbo As someone under the age of 30 in Europe, I can tell you that you're ignorant as well as condescending! The highest rates of unionization in the world are in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland), where unemployment is about the same as in the US (actually far lower in Iceland and Norway), even if you disregard the fact that US unemployment figures are a farce and that real unemployment there is about twice as high as stated (on par with, say, the Dominican Republic).

Those countries are all highly competitive and innovative, with not only far stronger welfare but also much healthier economies than the US. Many other countries with relatively high rates of unionization (e.g. Germany and Austria) have much, much lower unemployment rates, while the European countries with the lowest rates of unionization (Spain, France, Estonia, Lithuania) have some of the highest unemployment rates.

Not only could you hardly be more wrong about the correlation between unionization and unemployment, but it's bizarre that you would accuse Europe of "falling apart at the seams." Certainly, there are some European countries in dire straits (Ireland, Greece, and Italy all have modest rates of unionization, for whatever that's worth—much higher than Spain, France, or the US; much lower than Austria, Luxembourg, or the Nordics), but look at the US. Crumbling infrastructure, a completely incompetent, dysfunctional government, and a crushing debt burden that you will never, ever, ever in a million years be able to pay off.

Denmark, meanwhile, with its 70% union membership and near-identical unemployment figures to the US (not to mention much lower real unemployment, and unemployment benefits that Americans can scarcely dream of) actually has a balance of payments surplus.

But keep drinking that high-finance Kool-Aid, dummy.

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By Lockheed Ventura on Millennial Fired For Tweet

Were you paid anything to write this post about not getting paid anything?

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By NinetyNine on Millennial Fired For Tweet

@jonahphy They like to take the bait, generally.

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