On Chopped Salads: What Are They About?

@cherrispryte & Leon, Please don't let salad drive a wedge between you.

Posted on July 16, 2013 at 5:01 pm 2

On Racist Appeal Virtuoso Offers His Expertise On The Subject

@deepomega Do you have a non-Breitbart source on the "mostly-black audience" bit?

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On There Is No "Manslaughter" Charge in Financial Firm Incompetence

Compared to handing the governorship to Chris Christie, this is peanuts.

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On Go Ahead, Blue Yourself

Too late for Uncle Owen.

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On A Harvard Story

@Maxine4Mayor Don't worry. I'm from Jersey, I live in Boston, and I read the Awl. I'm quite aware of the regard New York holds for itself.

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On A Harvard Story

@Maxine4Mayor Hmm. I had no idea. It seems like a perfectly nice town.

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On A Harvard Story

@Maxine4Mayor I wouldn't call Cambridge "Shitsville, USA."

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On A Harvard Story

@questingbeast Yeah right. Next thing, you'll be telling us there's a "New" England.

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On Sympathy For The Millennials

@jfruh Wait, I was born in 1984. What sort of hellish no-man's-land do I occupy?

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