On It's Lou Barlow's Birthday

I've thought about this song constantly for twenty years and I'm sure it'll be one of the last weaving through my thoughts on my deathbed. Which is okay.

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On Brooklyn Smug Reaches New Hideous Heights

Washington Heights had/has power but is never smug because it's not a white-ppl nabe. (I'm admittedly a little smug, however, because I'm obv white.) The reason we have power in a non-white nabe is because Con Ed was forced to upgrade abt ten years ago after a Wahi-ONLY blackout; plus we're above the storm surge. Still, more on topic, I've been irate since reading a Park Sloper's email (sent last night, on which I was unfortunately cc'd) to someone in Florida saying that (and I quote) "everything's normal in NYC except for the subways." WHAT. THE. FUCK. Where is Robespierre when you need him?

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On Stop Renaming Neighborhoods

I'm also in favor of keeping the Garment District AND Hell's Kitchen. Clinton would be better if it were named "Bill Clinton." (For some reason that seemed funnier to me when I thought about it than seeing it here, oh well.)

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On The Mid-Summer Garden Crisis

@Annie K. There are so many amazing trees, it's really hard to resist, especially when they're little. (This is also why I could have fifty cats without blinking an eye, obviously.)

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On Roman Bean Casserole

I officially love everything that has pomegranate molasses in it!

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On So Long, Winter (For Now)

@My Number Is My Address I will have to keep that in mind! We've also been using this organic oil/spray to keep the bugs at bay, which has worked nicely. Oh and organic (and very fishy-smelling) fertilizer is much better than the chemical stuff, and makes for tougher, healthier plants. (I might have to do a more servicey column one of these days!)

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On So Long, Winter (For Now)

@laloca03 thanks for the correction (I actually knew about the crocus but was trying to be funny.)

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On Home For The Holidays

I loved this (and am a little freaked out by the many parallels -- stereo instructions, furiously handwritten letters from college, and patterned wallpaper -- I remember from the time I cleaned out my stuff from my old house before my parents moved).

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On Why Former Guns N' Roses Bassist Duff McKagan Is Such A Likeable Dude

@Abe Sauer These details are very much in the memoir, and if I recall correctly, he was drinking about a GALLON of vodka per day around the time his pancreas burst (plus cocaine). Also remarkable is the number of people he knew who died from heroin ODs (and AIDS). In some ways it's like reading a book about a country at war...which let's just say makes him as good a spokesperson for our generation as any perhaps...

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On To The Weft, To The Weft: It's Corduroy Season

My favorite corduroy-inspired acid trip/song is by Donovan:


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