On The Google Goblins Give Firefox a Reprieve--But What About the Open Web?

"Android is not so open source as we've been led to believe"
Oh, not this crap again... pushing this just shows an extremely simplistic view of just how much good Google is doing for us with Android.

As for Google and the open web: an open, healthy, web is exactly what Google cares about! Why do you think they employ people like Guido van Rossum, Tim Bray, Ian Hickson etc.?

If there's one corporation I'm not worried about, it's Google... which makes me wonder, what corporations does Miss Bustillos trust? Apple Inc., perhaps? Or Microsoft?
The ones that opposed the open Ogg Theora becoming a web standard, pushing the royalty encumbered h264 instead, thus preventing... Mozilla from supporting it?
And who came to the rescue and tried to solve that problem? Google, by buying On2 and opening the WebM format and adding it to Youtube (and Google _did_ have a h264 license for Chrome!).

One thing in the opposite direction: I don't know if anyone noticed, but around the time the new Mozilla agreement was signed, Adblock Plus started allowing 'non-intrusive advertising'... Google ads, possibly?

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On Why Former Guns N' Roses Bassist Duff McKagan Is Such A Likeable Dude

You didn't mention The Fartz! You got a brain, you got a brain, you got a brain, so use it!

More In The Weeds, please...

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On Israel's Yuppie Revolt

@smithsj: I don't know where he got that figure from... according to OECD figures, Israel has the highest cost of living of any OECD country (30% higher than the US) and I seem to recall that Tel-Aviv is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.
But they deserve what they got: in the last elections one third of the population didn't vote (that's more than voted for the leading party), probably because they were busy sitting getting stoned. So it's the government of their choice that's screwing them over. (plus, Israel has the highest rate of birth of any developed country, so if they breed like rats, let them live like rats...)

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On And They Named It Dodgy Island

RE: Bear Island, this seems appropriate:

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On Was Aaron Swartz Stealing?

Just for the record: Greg Maxwell probably knows more about these matters than Miss Bustillos and has done more for humanity (via Xiph.org aka FLAC, ogg/vorbis/theora) than she will ever do.

JSTOR provides a service to academics, Greg provided a service to us (via Pirate Bay): they're just computer files and we can download them from him.

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On Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert

Something the writer might want to keep in mind:
"Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth."

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On My Latest Obsession: Why You Should Give "Gilmore Girls" Another Chance

I'd say Gilmore Girls is probably the last series which was actually competently made -- as opposed to today's trend of pretentious-and-incompetent.

However, two things you failed to mention:
- I've watched it about five times, yet still think it can be used in anger management courses.
- Had it been made by a male, it would probably be considered misogynistic.

And what about some respect for Sean Gunn? From Tromeo and Juliet to Gilmore Girls, some progress. (And Kirk's Film is one of the best things in GG)

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On Let's Talk 'Hammer Of The Gods': Quaaludes, Sharks And Baked-Bean Baths

I like your dad!

A link to this seems appropriate:

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