On Your "Vibrant" Economy Is Keeping Things Unequal

Guh, this does not prove what conservatives will think it proves. The equality does not cause the moribundity. The economic booms are concentrated on a small number of success stories, which causes inequality. Am I supposed to make a joke here? Sorry I'm too infuriated to avoid being pedantic.

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On Hi, What Have You Guys Been Up To?

Out, out, brief candle!

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On What's Up With That Creepy Old Pope Quitting, Anyway?

popes also decided which German tribal strongman would be "Holy Roman Emperor,"

Not really. The German tribal strongmen elected the Emperor themselves, and then the pope (sometimes) crowned him. If he didn't want to, they just ignored him. The Pope and the Emperor were usually enemies, since they had the two best claims to having the Most Important Job in (Western) Christianity.

Jesus, an illiterate street preacher who was supposedly executed by Roman authorities

Why "supposedly?" That's actually the best-documented thing about Jesus. Ancient Romans were pretty good bureaucrats.


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On Tabber Slammer Party Jammer

I was a little skeptical that the Post was actually expressing some sympathy for an injured bicyclist. But the article makes it clear that dressing nice and throwing fancy parties are far worse crimes than a mere hit-and-run. So all's right with the world.

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On What To Worry About Now

But skip the first one. Jesus, that's some professional-grade paranoia.

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On Is the World's Most Miraculous Car a Ho-Hum Hybrid Prius?

Can one of you automotive journalists tell us how much the Prius recalls are evidence of manufacturing problems we should be worried about, versus how much Toyota was forced into it by Congressmen who are in Detroit's pocket?

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On Brix Smith Is 50

What's she be up to recently?

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On Time To Burn Everything You Own That Is Red

Great, now I have to know French wines just to dress myself in the morning?

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On 6,408 Americans Killed By Terrible Weather In Decade of Superstorms

That's when I clicked close tab: "We’ve given cadence to nontroversies and called it balance."

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On Plucky Local Financiers Show Can-Do Spirit

The 1980s are back! Reaganomics for everyone!

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