On The Politics Of McCarren Park Pool

And here I was thinking the pool had always been dilapidated before it was a concert space.

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On Kanye’s '808s': How A Machine Brought Heartbreak To Hip Hop

Emma Carmichael, you should write about music more often please. This was great, and I'm with you, I loved 808s (and fuck the haters)

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On A Report from the Occupation of Wall Street

@deepomega That is a really good question! One I'd like to figure out the answer to actually. Maybe no donations over a certain amount, or public financing for all.

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On A Report from the Occupation of Wall Street

@Abe Sauer You know, I asked a few of them if they were the left's version of the tea party, and many of them actually said that, in general, the demands were similar! Leave it to anarchists to disregard labels.

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On The Power List: New York City's 26 Most Powerful Powers Ranked In Order Of Power

How could you forget the Kanye West song, "Power"?? Gah, things have gone to the pot without David Cho around.

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On No One Knows How to Get to JFK from Williamsburg (OR DO THEY?)

@Choire Sicha That is a miracle of public transportation!

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On Hipsters Are Destroying New York, Claims Subway Rag


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