On "Bear Dances And Plays Trumpet"

You're no Alex Balk.

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On Slate Complete

I don't know what kind of monster you are, but that story sounds totally correct to me.

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On Donald Byrd, 1932 - 2013

Dang. RIP Donald Byrd.

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On My Unrealizable Postmodern Novel

This sounds like a good book idea but you gave away the ending. I like the ending though.

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On The G Train Is Back! Who Thought We'd Miss That!?

Word up.

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On How Exactly Is Uber "Disrupting" an Industry?

The revolution will be started-up.

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On Empty Chairs And Old Glory: Election Season In The Desert

How much is the house?

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On How to Deal with a Vicious Review of Your Book


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On Uplifting Animal News of the Week


Six miles? Big deal! It was probably familiar territory...his normal route for hunting "Cat P**sy" (no...that's not a redundancy). There have been dogs that traveled thousands of miles to find their owners (with multiple connections). Why is this newsworthy? By the way, what ever happened with the nuclear reactor in Japan? THAT'S news!"


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On Useless Piece Of Rock Will Not Rest Until It Has Poisoned Every Man, Woman And Child

I for one am energized for your crusade.

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