On Lena Dunham, Adele, Lady Gaga, Amy Adams All Very Ugly, Says "Esquire"

@C_Webb Yeah, the last one.

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On Lena Dunham, Adele, Lady Gaga, Amy Adams All Very Ugly, Says "Esquire"

Dat Flood.

Hey wasn't there a movie made about how Amy Adams is literally enchantingly beautiful? I think it rhymes with "Tenchanted."

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On 87-Year-Old Man Wedges Car Into Bike Lane On Way To DMV

Actually, they usually do block that sort of thing off. A single concrete post in the middle of it would have been sufficient to stop cars while allowing bikes.

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On Happy Reverse Racism Day!

If you complain about reverse racism, aren't you defining yourself as the opposite of a reverse racist?

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On Blame Your Lack Of Cash On Your Sad Childhood

I call you guys the "Sads". Sorry about that, this is totally true.

Not that sorry though, that would harsh my mood.

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On Thing Amusing

I'm not sure if it's horrible, or makes it funnier, that Natalie is easily 15 years too young for this joke to make sense. Even the people chosen to represent my demo have to be young enough to play to the proper demo.

(The record exec is exactly the right age, though.)

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On 68% of Republican Voters Believe In Literal Demon Possession

49% of democrats too? Dude, no. Something is pretty fishy about that poll. I don't think we're seeing the whole story.

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On Are You Smarter Than A Polling Wizard? Prove It In The Awl 2012 Electoral College Pool!

Meh, my boring vote will be exactly Nate Silver's. No point putting that one up, I'll just be splitting the pot with a thousand other people.

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On To Stop Rape, A Curfew For Men

There's a pretty strong correlation between males and all forms of violent crime. Frankly I think you should keep us all on house arrest. It's the only way.

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On Bloomberg Magazine: "It's Global Warming, Stupid"

Wall Street Journal should do this too. Yeah they have a lot of wingers in the editorial page, but they do like to provide a reality check in the rest of their publication.

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