On You, Me And "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

important resource for obsessives/people who appreciate the good in the world: http://sttngfashion.tumblr.com

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On In A Time Of Contraction At Least Our Asses And Livers Continue To Expand

so it's a good news/bad news type of thing, then.

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On Hollywood Insider Reveals Meaning Of Industry Jargon

"sit-com" hahaha.

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On A Nation Changed: Our New Era After "The Avengers" Trailer

@deepomega think of all the characters they are NOT including. i mean, i guess we'll have to wait for the Ant Man movie for the good stuff.

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On Lady We All Kind Of Forgot About Decides Not To Do Job She Didn't Have A Chance At

so this is what it takes to get a post after 5?

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On If 'The Simpsons' Ends Will You Care?

@melis i think its an important distinction that is being made between what can be classified as a "great season" and what are "great episodes." there were great episodes after 7, but as far as seasons go...reasonable people can disagree, but this is hardly as contentious as the nut debate.

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On Bear Eats Pizza

"The one he loved the most was beef and blue cheese."

what the fuck?

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On The Jig Is Up: Thought-Scanning Is Almost Here

@riggssm synchronize swatches, geeks!*

*or i guess construct a multidimensional machine(s) and uh...use that, instead.

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On The Jig Is Up: Thought-Scanning Is Almost Here

always only seeing . . . a giant pile of pistachio nuts inside their head.


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On Bourbon: The Best Food Since/With Bacon

after much searching, i recently dicovered a neighborhood place that has the Evan Williams Green as their well whiskey. i moved in forthwith.

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