On Why Did Women Throw Their Panties at This Man?

That's not chiasmus. See Theodor Adorno. And this is the last word on Conway Twitty: http://kimandconway.tumblr.com

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On Why Are Reporters Constantly Misquoting People?

@yeezey That's a lot of projection on your part. I don't hate it, actually, and did read Heti's book (thought it was good not great) and loved Zambreno's book HEROINES, kind of liked GREEN GIRL. I read their blogs, a lot, and am sorry that Zambreno has apparently turned out the lights on hers for good. But I said nothing about any of those books above, or my opinion of them, that's all your projection. Keep playing out that string, though, you seem to be having fun with it.

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On Why Are Reporters Constantly Misquoting People?

@yeezey I'm not sure the fans of Marie Calloway, or Kate Zambreno, or Sheila Heti (or the authors themselves) will ever be satisfied until everyone likes their books. (Zambreno in particular has made it plain on her blog that nearly any kind of criticism rankles. And I'm not sure people disinclined to like these authors are going to revise their opinions until the friends of Calloway, Zambreno, and Heti (and the authors themselves) quit so obviously logrolling for each other. "I should start by disclosing that I consider Marie a friend," which begins the second paragraph of the response you linked, is never a promising start; but it's also not unusual in defenses of Heti-Zambreno-Calloway begin. And those defenses usually come down to, "You just don't get it," which is never helpful. The frame Spiers brought to that review -- craft, especially -- is the common one, it's not an outlier; you can dip into any review of books and find reviews framed on just those terms. That doesn't make it right, only the sort of thing to be ignored. But the Heti-Zambreno-Calloway nexus of writers and defenders want to meet each and every poor review with elaborate defenses. It seems a waste of energy, though one can admire the dogged willingness to fight back.

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Yes. You can also make it out of sterno. Little-known fact: almond extract has more alcohol in it than vanilla extract. You can guess how I know all this.

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On Scientists Baffled by the Brutal, Terrible Mystery of "Pine Mouth"!

You think it's funny, but it happened to me after a pine-nut eating binge. (There was nothing else in the house to eat.) It lasted more than a week. Everything tasted like metal. I thought I was poisoned.

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On Today Only: The Awl Is Auditioning New Commenters!

Hey Mate! Why not just title this, @Choire is Himself @Choire's Platonic Ideal of at least 5/7 of all Commenters?

-- Submitted and Notarized, Smoking (heh) Hot Man Diddling Diller

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On ADHD Gets Meta

More likely, they're faking ADHD to get drugs.

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On Lethem v. Wood: Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?

Even more tedious: writing about authors responding to critics. Nice try, though!

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On NPR Is a Sad, Sad Place

What's really disturbing is the Soundprint spokesperson's smug and totally incorrect summary of what a documentarian may be allowed to think and do. There is a wealth of scholarly and not-so-scholarly literature on this very subject, not to mention the documentaries themselves, so many of which interrogate the notion of objectivity.

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On Women Who Hate Women Are The Luckiest Women For Men To Get Lucky With In The World

I've found I'm luckiest with the subset of women haters who hate themselves the most. I've found that low self-esteem is the one common denominator among women who have agreed to sleep with me. And that is so hot.

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