On The New Shooting Target For Reasonable Gun Owners: Your Bra-Clad "Ex"

Yes, lets play that game where you find the worst example of a group and pretend that they're representative of the entire group.

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On Republican Senator Now Supports Gay Marriage

Guy who is never going to be president has differing opinion.

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On Say Hi To Pope Francis: Jorge Mario Bergolio, Anti-Gay Activist

I thought he was actually a moderate, as far as Catholic cardinals go.

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On New York City to Ban Awls

Oh nice, this gives me an excuse to quote from one of my favorite articles, Gangs of Baltimore. Here's the pull quote:

"Because the party that ruled the streets held sway at the polls, partisans regularly marched through opposing wards. They also infiltrated opposition rallies, where they threw the crowd into disarray by jabbing bystanders with the easily concealed shoemaker's awl, similar to a short ice pick. So beloved was the lowly awl that shortly before the presidential election in 1859, the American clubs engaged blacksmiths to forge them en masse, handed out flyers announcing their distribution, and incorporated the awl's image into club banners. A favorite featured “the figure of a man running, with another in pursuit, sticking him with an awl.” At the polling places, the Plug Uglies strapped awls to their knees, surrounded suspect voters and “awled” them into retreat. “Come up and vote; there is room for awl!” became one of many election-time chants intended to amuse and intimidate."

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On Hugo Chavez Memorialized

A little from column A, little from column B. Neither as bad as his detractors think, nor as good as his supporters think.

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On Newspaper Correction Explains Italian Legislature In Single Sentence

Awesome. Economist places fourth behind a comedian convicted of manslaughter, Silvio Berlusconi and a center-right regional party that has promised to paralyze the government.

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On Math Is Hard

@mcleodglen - Length of hippies / 3.14 should give you a close enough approximation.

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On Math Is Hard

They could've done both! Divide by pi!

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On I Can't Understand Why This Male Birth Control Technique Has Not Taken Off

@spoondisaster - I think they're talking about post-reversal fertility.

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