On Ask Polly: I'm Dating A Girl, But I'm Falling In Love With a Man!

@cindylouwho Oh, and he's totally not That Guy. If anything, he has said that his ex (who was also younger, and ended up leaving him for a 47-year-old) seemed to want that kind of relationship and he appreciates that I am independent and make my own decisions. I think I've just got cold feet cause I really have absolutely zero serious relationship experience that wasn't SUPER unhealthy.

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On Ask Polly: I'm Dating A Girl, But I'm Falling In Love With a Man!

Letter-writer here. FOR THE RECORD I AM NOT A TERRIBLE PERSON JUST A SLOPPY ONE and I told Girl almost immediately after spending a few straight days with Guy that I had met someone I was really into and didn't know exactly what it was going to mean just yet. To which she responded...badly. When I wrote this letter I was mostly looking for validation that it was okay to hurt someone's feelings when I genuinely felt ready to move on (as much as us Massively Indecisive people ever do), and perhaps hoping to see if an objective eye could sniff out any red flags I wasn't seeing. Anyway, thanks much for answering, even if my glaring oversight made it a little inaccurate.

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On How To Write A Love Poem

Sestinas are hard. Frank Bidart owns (and has sworn this is the only one he'll ever write). http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poem/180058

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