On Ask Polly: Will Our Class Differences Tear Us Apart?

Love. Love will tear us apart.

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On Trains, In Order

Last Train to Clarksville?

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On The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, as many of these monstrosities went up, it was always touted as "the future." Which is why so many dystopian sci-fi movies (and novels) used these buildings as backdrops. They always felt out of scale, inhuman, threatening. Very THX1138 or Soylent Green. Terrible stuff, and a lot of much more humanist architecture here in NYC was torn down for this hideous stuff. Although I believe in preservation of my city's history, this is one era I'd rather see erased.

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On 'The Day After' Was A Scary Thing That Happened 30 Years Ago Today

It was pretty hair-raising for something on ABC prime-time.

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On Blockbusters

I am confused: you describe "Max" as "2,750-pound German bomb" but later "But Max, an early and light edition (the R.A.F. bombs tripled in size... " Was Max a German or RAF bomb? If it was RAF, how did it come to be dropped on London?

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On Kim Deal, "Are You Mine?"

Aural Xanax. Would it kill her to ever display some energy?

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On Fritillary Fuck-Up Fixed

Best post title ever.

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On How To Kill A Fly

The chemical free way, if you're stuck with only a rolled up magazine: wait for it to land. In a couple of seconds, it lifts 2 of its legs and starts rubbing them together (who knows what its doing). That's when you slam it from above. Works every time. It takes a couple of milliseconds for it to put those feet down, which it needs to do to take off.

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