On Rarely-Discussed Subject Of Being In Your Twenties Finally Examined In Depth

That's some nincompoopery right there. Emily?

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On Greenish Gift Guide: 10 Perfect Presents For Smug Sustainable Locavores

Ummm. Like, the Nature Conservancy accepts big money from oil companies? Maybe they shouldn't be on the list so much, right?

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On A Chat With Drummer Karriem Riggins About Bending Genres To Make A Career

I mean, Riggins says (Working with Ray Brown) "That was the highlight of my life," and the half wit interviewing him says "Did you already know Dilla when you came back to Detroit?"
Wtf??? Things never change, sending a child to do an adult's job.
Maybe learn something about Ray Brown, you know??????

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On Defending Manhattan From America: Pete Wells and Guy Fieri

Wonder what Padgett Powell thinks about this...

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On Who's Afraid Of Lana Del Rey?

@NFK "lana" on the border is money money, greenbacks, dollar bills, youalll.....

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On Who's Afraid Of Lana Del Rey?

Donno if any of you non-Mexicans know that her name means the "king's money," as in, tons of dough, in Spanish. She might not know that either. Frankly, as a Mexican American fella, I hate that appropriation stuff, and don't care whether she's authentic or not.

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On Meet the Lawyer Who Defends Everything Retrograde

Wonder what his kids will think in 20 years.

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On The Soothing Sounds of the Indielectual Lifestyle

The sooner you silly people separate politics from pleasure in music, the happier you'll be.

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On Murdoch's The Daily Already Inspiring The Internet

Wait!!! Hipsters are liking/working for The Daily? Really? The one owned by Rupert Murdock? The guy that owns Fox News? Like, um?

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On Nearly 100 People Choose Their #1 Album of 2010

Right, hate those racist tea party people, us hipsters do. Hey! Too bad latin music and jazz have died, right? Oh, you mean the 100 smartest people in pop don't know anything about those genres? Oh. Gosh. Hmm. Let me think this through again. Grumble. Whine.

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