On Hobbit Island Inexplicably Distressed By Nasty Foodstuff Shortage

And... I'm sorry? Decaffeinated Australia? You are awakening patriotism I never thought could exist.

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On Hobbit Island Inexplicably Distressed By Nasty Foodstuff Shortage

@Setec Astrology No. No it is not. They are godless heathens who prefer something called Vegemite.

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On "Give Us Money or We'll Shoot This Dow"

I'm pretty sure that the Australians did just give everyone a thousand dollars or so a couple of years ago as a stimulus.

They still have a functioning economy. I don't know if this proves anything.

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On Sauropod Swindle! The Monstrous Lies of "The World's Largest Dinosaurs"

Don't sneer too much at the labels. I've had to write them for museums before, and the problem that you inevitably encounter is that people are stupid. And easily bored.
In a small provincial town, I was writing for a reading age of 9, in fewer than 200 words.
That's kind of limiting, for Joycean analysis.

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On 13 Things to Do This Weekend

@Choire Sicha -

New Zealand.
You never give me any national news coverage.
It's moderately upsetting.

You are.

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On 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability

all that ejaculation, the slim girlish hands, the long night watches with Ginger, the hint of aristocracy with Algy, the cold eyes...

or am I just irredeemably warped?

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