On Get Voting Or Die Trying

KWEEN. Foreal on the allergic reaction to Weiner and Spitzer, wasn't visceral till I saw the little levers.

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On Rufus Wainwright Is 40

Excellent video choice.

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On What Comes After The Twink?

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Thomas
Happy Birthday to You

And thirty more..

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On New York City Media Has Pretty Much Given Up On Events Listings


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On How Are We To Listen To Contemporary Classical Music?

I thought the biggest obstacle (not mentioned here) was Kahane's singing – maybe he's not the best performer of his own work. If he had conducted on banjo and bass as PART of the orchestra and hired a real singer (perhaps different singers and voice types for added character, given the many text sources), instead of effectively using Orpheus as his backup band, it would have been less indulgent and more accessible (in my opinion! clearly).

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On Big Gay Lie Doxxed

Love those university press prices. All right!

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On The Most Expensive T-Shirt in New York City Costs $91,500.00

Possibly rather uncomfortable? You didn't try it on?

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On Roseanne v. Jamaica Kincaid, Round 403

You won't, so I will: http://gawker.com/247662/tina-brown-on-roseanneand-vice-versa <3

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On How Should An Author Be?

Well when it's over you'll still have a few nice Pines weeks left. Good luck.

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On Please Meet Michael Macher, Our Associate Publisher

But is he single?

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