On Savory Pesto Muffins

This sounds very good. I will pass the recipe along to He Who Does the Baking Around Here. I am merely She Who Scrubs the Muffin Tins Afterwards With Much Swearing.

Another way to use up excess pesto: On sandwiches!

Take your bread of choice (especially olive bread or sourdough), and spread a thin layer of pesto instead of mayonnaise or mustard. Add toppings of choice. I like pesto on sandwiches that also contain the following: humus, feta, cucumber, tomato, spinach, grilled zucchini (also part of the late-summer garden explosion) , fresh mozzarella, and so on. But not all at once.

Warning: Can be messy. But mmmmm.

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On What A Pack Of Cigarettes Costs, State By State

Good god, how to people afford it?

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On Life After Zionist Summer Camp

@pallas Near the end of this piece [http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/~lyonsm/bulldozers.html] on Labor Zionism, Nava EtShalom talks about her experiences at Camp Galil, a labor zionist camp in Pennsylvania.

Full disclosure: One of the authors of this piece, Matthew Lyons, is my partner. The other author is my close friend.

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On Life After Zionist Summer Camp

@jaimealyse Well put. Thanks for making me think of it in a new way.

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On Life After Zionist Summer Camp

@ManhattanMan You're falling into the old trap of equating anti-zionism with anti-semitism. Not the same thing.

But I agree with you that Benedikt didn't really talk about what she believes, she herself, independent of her parents and her husband.

I love the tone of this piece and I think it says a lot of important things, but I was struck by Benedikt's passivity. She was a Zionist because she was raised that way. Then she was an anti-Zionist because her husband made her that way.

What does Benedikt really think? I wonder.

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On Will You Indulge in an All-Day Anthony Weiner Lewd Pic Fiesta?

"If you'd like to participate in the gleeful attempted destruction of a guy's career via the revelation of unverified and totally legal and consensual private behavior, have at it."

Tell us what you really think, Choire.

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On Satchels, Totes and Cases! Whatever Shall a Man Carry?

@Bettytron My partner carries something like this. We call it his straight-boy purse. The army surplussy fabric makes him look like an aging anarchist. Which he is, sort of. Super hot.

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On Some Awesome Things To Say To A Cancer Patient

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