On The Livestream Ended: How I Got Off My Computer And Onto The Street At Occupy Oakland

The beginning of this article felt very familiar, down to having a more engaged/more politically radical partner and your list of beliefs and reasons for not having participated. I struggled with similar feelings during the recent California public university occupations/protests, especially regarding extreme (and alienating) rhetoric, and am still struggling with those feelings now even though I generally support the Occupy movement. I haven't gone down to my local Occupation, and reading about your experience in Oakland was really moving. This is the greatest motivator so far for me to go visit Occupy Sacramento (which mostly looks like the "before" pictures of Snow Park). Thank you for posting this.

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On No-Rise Beer Bread for Idiots and Loons

I made a loaf this morning with some Newcastle I had leftover from making chili yesterday! So good!

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On Dear Athenian Mercury: The Non-Reproductive Sex Issue

@millicent Thanks for the additional quotations! Those are fantastic. I guess I can't blame Dunton for being annoyed at being called "the maggot" when he just wanted to be considered innovative. It's so tragic when your own puns (or your brother-in-law's) are turned against you!

And agreed on Dorothy Sayers. She is a treasure.

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On Dear Athenian Mercury: The Non-Reproductive Sex Issue

I love these articles, and I feel like a pedantic douche for saying this (and registering just to say this), but it might be worth pointing out that these dudes probably weren't (just?) talking about maggots as we usually define the word, but as "whimsical, eccentric, strange, or perverse notion[s] or idea[s]," as the OED puts it. Wesley's book is even one of their examples of this usage! Apparently the only people who use this definition anymore are English lady novelists (Dorothy Sayers, Georgette Heyer, Sylvia Townsend Warner). Anyway, just wanted to help make all the maggot talk slightly less gross to think about.

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