On Some Plutocrats Are Being "Classy" About Obama's Second Term

The least classy thing I saw was MSNBC before Romney conceded. Ohio was called, but was still close (in fact, Romney had a slight lead but the projections were still Obama because the uncounted votes were in democratic areas).

Lawrence O'Donnell was already accusing Romney of not being the classy guy Kerry was but dragging this thing on. And some other guy was complaining, "well, rich people don't like being told they can't have something they want."

I mean, if it was a day or two later, I'd understand. But this was before any of the later states were called for Obama. They were just assuming Romney was going to be a dick.

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On I Don't Even Remember The 5 Inches

At least here in NJ, it snowed on Halloween (which probably isn't included since it isn't winter), but it was a year with surprising little snow, but the snow we did get still managed to cause ridiculous problems.

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On 'The Artist' And What Makes A Movie 'Foreign'

Next time a French person wants an American breakfast, fly them to NJ and serve them up some Pork Roll, tensions will end within minutes.

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On Terrible Movie Still Terrible, But Now in 3D

Not looking forward to the 3D release of the original Star Wars, the 3D is really going to change the "who shot first" argument.

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On Penguin Briefly Distracts Old People From The Ever-Present Awareness Of Impending Death

I've never seen so many stone faces looking at a penguin.

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On Is Madonna Eating Our Young? A Post-Halftime Discussion

Even if the only people who liked this performance were the "special guests," it may be the most popular halftime show of the decade.

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On Shrimp Jumbo

Eleven inches and white, don't believe it.

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On Racist Idiots Somehow Capable Of Working Twitter

Okay, racist, sure, but can YOU argue with the logic of on of the tweets that "white people make more history than any other race"? I mean, c'mon, "history" is us white folks #1 export.

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On British Man Commits Treason

@oldtaku Exactly, sounds like some lame marketing. "We shrunk the glass to make it more convenient for you! Really! We even kept the price the same as before as not to confuse you!"

Also, is there an epidemic of people ordering only one beer, and only drinking half, or two-thirds of it? Is there a demand for smaller portions? (If so, maybe order a 12oz bottle instead of a 16oz draft?)

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On Foreigners Aghast at Routine American Election

This is our weeding out process. Didn't France have an openly racist guy almost win a few years ago, which caused a runoff, where he lost badly?

I like to think we care enough about our elections by having these wackos really only run in primaries.

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