On 'Twilight Series': Bite Me Four Times Shame On Me

The hair in these movies is the dumbest hair ever. Lee Pace is the hottest and Kristen Stewart is also totally hot.

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On 'Rebecca': The Real Housewives Of Cornwall County

@wb it is! It looks AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS. Maybe more amazingly ridiculous than Ghost the Musical. I'm excited.

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On "Kitty Glitter will hit you like a steampunk catapult!"

@deepomega the world's preeminent JLP impersonator DID appear in the TNG porn parody, so he's probably up for it.

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On My Three-Month Facebook Dialogue With A Scammer From Malaysia Pretending To Be A Beautiful Woman

"my diarrhea clinic is here so i pretty much have to stay here."

I'm not sure why that killed me, but it did. I love messing with scammers, but this is commitment. Kudos.

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On It's Cute That New York is Slowly Catching Up with Wisconsin

@katesilver My sister lives in Bay View (and my mom lives in Racine) and I think that's probably accurate.

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On How To Make A Dowager Countess Hat

I finally started watching DA on Wednesday and as I was watching Episode 3 last night, I was totally pondering that hat!! I love this tutorial.

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On Ten People Who Observe Birthdays on 9/11

@HeyThatsMyBike yay! and Humphrey Bogart!

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On Ten People Who Observe Birthdays on 9/11

@Matt that's not what I told my little sister.

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On Ten People Who Observe Birthdays on 9/11

@NinetyNine my birthday's on Christmas, and yes, this is worse. I get a tree!

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On 27 TV Shows They Killed Too Early, In Order of Heartbreak

@blily Agree times a million! Team Phil and Lem!

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