On 'IT': Seriously, Guys, Get Out Of Maine Before You Die Terribly

Oh God, the blood that bubbled up in Bev's sink that couldn't be cleaned until they all cleaned it together....for some reason that was the most horrifying thing to me when I read this book at age 10.

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On "Baby Jesus Stolen" Nativity News Watch 2012

I was always taught that you don't put Baby Jesus in the nativity scene until Christmas (I mean, duh! He can't be there before Christmas because he wasn't born yet!) When I was growing up, we always put him in after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Maybe these vandals are just trying to set everyone straight, and will return all the Baby Jesuses on Christmas?

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On Oh, Britain, Is There Anything You Won't Deep Fry?

I was reading this quickly on my iPhone and read the middle part as "broccoli, cats, pigs....." and almost spit out my coffee!

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On Obama And Romney's Flickr-War For Your Love (And Vote)

That dad in picture 5 is totally giving Romney the finger!

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On The Kickoff Of Football Pick Haikus

@Bittersweet Yes, the only thing better than the return of football season is the return of football pick haikus!

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On So Many Kinds of Rape Now

@hockeymom This is a question I ask my ultra-conservative, ultra-religious dad all the time. Every time we talk about any of the issues affecting women today, he regurgitates the standard GOP line and I ask "How can you feel this way when you have a wife, two daughters, and two step-daughters?!?!" I never have gotten a satisfactory answer, but I think there is a disconnect in his mind where he sees the women in his life as somehow different from the "type" of woman who gets raped. It's like he doesn't even see that this topic could possibly affect me or my sister, and doesn't understand that this type of dialogue creates a culture that is hostile to ALL women, and that there is no such thing as a "type" of woman who gets raped or a "type" of woman who gets an abortion.

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On President Endorses States' Rights

@jfruh I don't think there's any way a statement from Obama would have made a difference in the NC vote, but I think you're right that this may definitely help the cause here in Maryland. I'm just shocked that as liberal as this state is and has been for so long, that the issue is polling at 50-50!!

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

I was a little nervous when I read the newsletter, but the sample you provided looks pretty good! I like the nesting and sorting features.
Agreed on the no Facebook verification, though. I don't like posting any personal info on Facebook, and I like being able to put anything in the comments here.
PS Your cat pinterest board? LOVE. I only wish it were updated more frequently!

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On A Survey Of The Funny, Haunted Dreams People Have About Their Jobs

@juliamark Heh, when I worked retail in college, I never had actual dreams about work, but every single dream I had would have the Musak playing in the background. It wasn't bad enough that I had to listen to that stuff on a 3 hour loop all day at work, no....I had to listen to it in my dreams too!

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On Tooth Market Collapses

@Brian I'm with ya! I got a quarter for the first tooth, and a nickel for the rest (when the tooth fairy remembered to come, that is!) Sigh. I am an old.

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