On What Happened To The Baby Who Danced His Way Into America's Heart?

I liked when the baby fired the cannon at her. That damn ooga chaca baby!!!

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On In Honor of "Revenge," A Brief History of TV's Off-Screen Hookups

Anyone else missing Brothers and Sisters? I loved those wacky Walkers!

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On Breakfast Hotdish, Minnesota Style

@shudder: I've made something similar with veggie saussage before. Tasted pretty salty and delicous. I'll actually be in Minesota soon. I hope there is enough vegeatrian fare!

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On Larry David's Rough Night Out With The Aging Literary Lion

This is great. That evil genius probably has a million of these whacky stories. Is there a real Tim Whatley or old lady who had the affair with Ghandi?

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On Our Dying Soap Operas Deserve Public Funding

I feel the same way. Been watching OLTL since fifth grade! I've grown up as the Buchanan kids did (just not with all the drama; It's amazing all that can happen in one small town).

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