On The Unpublished Manuscripts Of Aaron Sorkin

I've loved Aaron Sorkin shows in weekly waiting-for-the-next-episode doses, but I recently watched my dearly remembered Sports Night on Netflix, and it illuminated a recurring theme in Sorkin's work I had been too blinded by the humor and clever dialogue to recognize: every and all arguments between the genders resulted in the man being right and the woman being unreasonable. As the pattern started to make me uncomfortable, even my male friends noticed it. Even through the genre defying intelligence and humor of his shows, the hookers-and-blow reality of Aaron Sorkin subverts his intention of pretending to be some kind of non-sexist auteur of modern relationships and consistently reinforces his lifeveiw of male superiority.
Yeah...fuck that guy...

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On When Barbie Came To Live With Us

I'm not crying. My eyes are just a little sweaty today

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