On Useless Woman Can't Find Husband


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On Be Bored And Hungry Forever

@SeanP Oh my gawd, yes. My mother-in-law is a restrictionist and she looks like death warmed over. (Also, having meals with her is the opposite of fun.)

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On After 'Downton Abbey': 10 British Costume Dramas on Netflix Instant

YES North & South. It is so good. So is the book, by the way. In fact, all these are also very worthwhile books.

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On The Next New World

Yes. Yes, it was.

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On Here's That Stupid Moon Thing That Happened Last Night

But now the days will enlengthenate, which will make life somewhat more of the better than the period during which they beshorten?

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On Obsessive Foodies Are Sick

Yay, now we have a name for the Skinny Bitch women besides, uh, the obvious?

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On Chernobyl: The Most Awesome Tourist Destination

Do you get the feeling that the author/photographer there isn't so sure about radiation being dangerous?

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On Babka, the Old World Way

I am going to make this thing, somehow, and it might be a terrible failure but what if it's a success? Apparently a successful babka is like kissing an angel. And I would honestly rather eat a raisin-filled bread/cake thingie than kiss an angel, for reals.

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On Britain Bulks Up

It's not really the drinking as such that's a problem; it's the donor kebabs on the way home from the pub.

Plus, all the youf rush out and buy fried chicken and chips the instant class lets out. Every day!

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On My Former Best Friend's Wedding

What a lovely article. This, in particular, really struck home: there are stages to move through as you test the limits of connectivity and your own willingness to connect. Academically, the social network thing is absolutely fascinating, to observe and to participate in. But it's also such a strange, estranging experience. I was so desperate to escape from my adolescence that now, a decade later and an ocean away, the people I loved and the people I hated are all just status updates on a computer screen. In a way, that's wonderful: there they all are, constantly reminding me why I left and how glad I am that I did. But... they're all still together, at weddings and showers and parties and random Friday night drinks.

And, uh, so on.

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