On The State of the Media is Strong or Maybe the Opposite of Strong

Asinine/witty comment tk

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On Four Fresh Lifehacks

I think "Gustapo" should be Gestapo. Either that or Gustavo.

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On The English Language's 26 Most Important Letters

I'm confused by the ranking. Is Z the most important letter, or is A? Either way, since B is for Bourbon (and Booze in general), shouldn't it be the most important?

(Also B comes before C.)

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On Did You Remember To Compost Your Thanksgiving Garbage?

@My Number Is My Address Canın cehenneme, Türkiye'de seviyorum. Sen sadece Türkiye'de kimse sevmez, kaz değilsin.

Özür dilerim sizi aslında, kimse seviyor, kuş, bahsediyoruz sanki.

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On OMG, It's Curator Nicolaus Schafhausen!!!

Apparently "hausen" means to live in crappy conditions, although I had never seen this word before your "translation". I'll take Schafhausen to mean Lives-With-Sheep.

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On Québec! What Is Going On Up There?

@Robin R@twitter Based on what I've read (not a huge amount) the way to increase access to post secondary education for low-income students is to offer more scholarships and bursaries, not to lower tuition. Tuition is just a part of the cost of an education, so lowering tuition tends to only benefit middle and upper class families.

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On Dumb Questions I’ve Had For Science

Whee, science!

• If you drilled a hole nearly to the core of the earth, and did it in the ocean, what would happen? Would the ocean start draining into the hole, and could you go deep enough to rid the earth of the ocean once and for all?

You could hide the ocean in a really big underground hole. It's what, 14 km at its deepest? The radius of the earth is about 6400 km, so lots of space underground. There's also enough heat in the core to turn of all the water into steam, although I don't know how you'd get it to stay as steam.

• When will scientists engineer a cow that doesn't fart? It would end global warming.

Australian scientists are working on it. They're trying to put kangaroo gut bacteria into cows.

• Would it radically alter the sun's chemistry if we gathered up all our garbage and rocketed it into the sun?

I can't imagine it would. The garbage would be toasted into its constituent atoms (hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, etc) all

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On On That Terrible TV Show About Girls Having Sad Sex!

This show is too good for Canada, apparently.

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On Ignorant Backwater Bans Restaurant with the Name "Fuku"

I guess there's no hope for a second location called Fuku 2.

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On Today Only: The Awl Is Auditioning New Commenters!

@breccia Aw man I'll never get to be cool

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