On When Alan Met Ayn: "Atlas Shrugged" And Our Tanked Economy

I'm half way through this highly entertaining and insightful review-- excellent job! So funny, and revealing of this cooked up, half baked lopsided "philosophy" that our leaders have taken to heart to justify "uneven, unfair rewards", as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet recently stated.

Greenpan's were criminally negligent actions. And the idea that he can not be brought to some form of justice beyond mild criticism TV shows only speaks to the lopsided power that central banks have over our government, nation, and perhaps more.

Anyone defending Rand, Greenspan and or the gold standard viz. fiat money needs to address the nature of the gold market as just another commodity that can be cornered within 3 minutes. It's an absurd notion of money that favors moneyed banking interests no less than central banks, and perhaps makes for national security risks.

Milton Friedman's favorite documentary, "The Money Masters" (1996) fully explains what wrong with central banking, gold, silver and fractional reserve banking regulation, which is the real rub. The full video is on Youtube, and it's far better than a speech by Ron Paul, who may be good for Texas, but misses a few boats getting there.

It also explains why Ayn Rand earns another epic FAIL for being a gold bug, arguing against Ben Graham's work on Wall Street, getting us off gold and pricing things based on a basket of commodities people do actually use and eat rather than things kings have historically traded to keep working people under and shinning their shoes! The trouble is The Fed has not clue how money is working its way to the mouths of babes at this point, as David Stockman wrote this past week.

This review rocks, and I'm passing it around widely.

Posted on April 18, 2011 at 12:55 am 4