On The Year-End Couple Review: Supposedly A Thing

The airing of the grievances is a time-honed tradition among people who don't deal with their shit as it arises.

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On Ask Polly: I Am Severely Chafed By My Gentle, Compassionate Boyfriend

I've been reading about adult attachment styles and LW sounds "avoidant". Characterizing her partner as "needy", for instance. She needs space and needs to let her partner know. Simultaneously, she needs to recognize his need for closeness.

If their relationship can progress to the point where they provide these things for each other reflexively and not as a response to an explicit request, she and he will find themselves in a place of independence and place of reassurance, respectively.

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On The Seven Millennial Varieties Of Modern Humanoids

If I may be downright Balkian for a moment, I'll admit to being jealous of the "tier 7"s.

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On Scott Walker Goes Shooting For The Presidency

@Subway Suicide@twitter Yeah, actual hunters are too busy to care since THEY ARE OUT HUNTING.

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On Canada's War On Doorknobs

Yes! The addition of any fixture that you can operate with a thrust of the crotch or butt brings us closer to a more ergonomic and healthier future.

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On One Shocking Graph That Explains Why You Don't Need To Worry About "Peak Troll"

But what if it is discovered that watching YouTube clips of cats falling off things extends life? Then we all might live to see a lolspeak Pulitzer awarded to the horse_ebooks guy.

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On I'm Gonna Take A Pass On Russell Brand's Bloody Revolution

Question for the Author: have you ever been of the revolutionary mindset? And how did you change your mind?

It's a v. thoughtful piece that allows you to calibrate your reformist position against a notable individual's revolutionary one.

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On Four Important Things For Us Dumb People To Know About Space Before Seeing "Gravity"

@jfruh Orbits can have different distances, different eccentricities (ellipse-iness), and occupy different planes relative to Earth (North-South vs. East-West, for example).

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On Four Important Things For Us Dumb People To Know About Space Before Seeing "Gravity"

@deepomega The Lagrangian as a representation of the laws of motion or the Lagrange liberation points?

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