On Instant Message is Bad for Society

I can't help but feel like this headline is an implicit warning that you do not appreciate my Gchat banter. It has failed. My IMs will NOT BE DETERRED!

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On The Eight Truths About Weddings (That No One Ever Tells You)

Heh. Bone-tired. I think that's a word I will use again!

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On The Weird, Frictionless Politics Of 'Parks And Recreation'

I think there is one key takeaway here: the Ron Swansons of the world will always win.

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On 'Bridesmaids': Am I Doing Being A Woman Wrong?

@MichelleDean I guess I could see that. But if you followed those rules you'd lose a lot of joke fodder. Like most of Zach Galifianakis, Chris Farley and Chris Rock's stuff, for instance.

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On 'Bridesmaids': Am I Doing Being A Woman Wrong?

@MichelleDean Is the alternative that comedians can't comment on their own looks? Because that sounds depressing.

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On 'Bridesmaids': Am I Doing Being A Woman Wrong?

I guess my issue is this: Couldn't you say the same thing about fat male comedians who use their weight for humor purposes?

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On Let Them Eat Baby! The Terrifying New Practice Of The Cake Gender Reveal

This whole thing is so Cakes and Babies it is kind of blowing my mind.

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On Bomb the Ace Hotel! Every Geek and Blogger Now A Microcelebrity!

GoaG gets a $20 check every time someone buys a digital photo of themselves from a party? Which I guess happens?

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On Aida’s Magical Tiramisu

Kitten, That's true! But Frederick is just a friend. And he speaks/sings in about eight languages. Crazed.

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On Flicked Off: In Which Two Ladies Do Yoga Then See 'Eat Pray Love'

I've only just gotten it through my head that Elizabeth Gilbert and Melissa Gilbert are not the same person, or related. But I'm still sad that Melissa Gilbert already has an autobiography. And it is not called Eat, Prairie, Love.

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