I'm not very remarkable.

On Massive Interstate Pile-Ups Are America's Worst New Hobby

Following too close is one of the worst things it's possible for a person to do, and as appalling as the people who do it intentionally are the ones who are just plain not fucking paying attention to how they're driving are probably worse.

If a tailgater pisses me off I give them a good dose of Vitamin Exactly The Speed Limit.

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On In My Day Naughtiness Was Harshly Penalized

Eerily close to Jack Donaghey’s mother stealing his bike and never giving it back because he didn’t lock it up.

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On Antibiotics Are The New Global Warming

If more people lived in absolute filth like I do then we wouldn’t have this problem.


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On "Then it’s time for the gang bang"

I think I'm more grossed out by the rainbow twizzlers than your average evangelical would be by the gay sex. Seriously a bafflingly bad candy.

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On Woman Horrible

I realize that there are obvious larger issues with Peyser's barely concealed glee over rape, but really, OJ Simpson? Yeah, this famous, very large guy who is by all accounts extremely personable (except when he's not) is totally going to get raped in prison. Didn't she see how that basketball player was treated on "Oz"??? (And don't try to tell me that this homosexual rape fetishist didn't watch "Oz" and take notes.)

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On Man On, About, Against the Internet

Christ, what an asshole.

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On What 2012 Looked Like In 1982

Vaguely accurate futurism? Well I'll be damned.

Oh, phew, a bunch of stuff about space colonies and anthropomorphic robots.

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On Awful Place Will Be Not As Awful, Eventually

2016? But that's not for 11 years!

Oh, sorry, I saw how complete 1 WTC was, and based on initial projections I thought it was 2005.

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On "Men compete to be in 2013 Firefighters Calendar"

OK, why on earth would a site have a gallery function clearly designed to have your cursor hover over the next image, and then click to move on without any unnecessary mousing around... and then have a frigging 500 word image description popup RIGHT OVER THE PICTURE I'M TRYING TO LOOK AT? Come on, people.

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On Thrill Seeking Daredevil Seeks Thrills, Dares Devil

Awesome headline is awesome.

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