On When Alan Met Ayn: "Atlas Shrugged" And Our Tanked Economy

I am enraptured by this amazing article and almost willing (almost) to say that if Ayn Rand's turgid writing and brain-dead philosophy inspired such a witty piece, this justifies their existence. Having watched the trailer, I especially appreciate, "'If you double-cross me, I will destroy you,' the sleek blonde in the business suit informs her foe, with less conviction than an ordinary person would employ in ordering a salad."

Couple things no one else has mentioned. I too read the books in high school and loved them.

First, because I'm female and was raised to sacrifice my own interests, values and independent existence for others, and it was a real lifeline to read a book that emphasized the importance of pursuing one's own interests regardless of the feelings of others.
As a child, I was pretty much instructed that other peoples' feelings constituted marching orders.

Also, in many regards, Rand's female heroines are the shit. Really! An unmarried, childless woman who runs a railroad (at one point some guy she's in bed with asks her for the specific time a specific time departs, and she rattles it off without any need of a schedule. Now that's sangfroid) and, speaking of that, has sex with whomever she pleases. This was not at all the usual life of a woman in that time or any time, really.

Again, I do want to emphasize that this teenaged fling did not translate to a lifelong commitment.

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