On "Bring Back Bloomberg"! Rich Horrorshows Freak Out Over Fake Snowstorm Class War In Pinhead Rag

@hockeymom Psst: they make up the quotes.

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On Man Acquires Money, And Then Houses

For my taste, even one house in Los Angeles is too many. But a lot depends on what Bruni means by "here." I guess it would be possible to have a townhome in one of the closer-in neighborhoods and a ranchy-type place (with the vineyard) an hour or an hour and a half's drive farther out?

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On When To Smoke In New York City

My, I bet you smokers lead such interesting lives.

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On The Annotated "Frank Sinatra Has A Cold"

There's one detail (more in the original piece, I guess, but it should be apparent upon revisiting it). There's a scene where Sinatra hassles Harlan Ellison, screenwriter for "The Oscar" -- Sinatra says he hated the picture, and Ellison says it hasn't even been released yet, etc.

Sinatra was in that picture! He has only one scene, a cameo, but it's a key moment. I wonder if he had done the probably one day of work and then forgotten about it, or if he filmed his bit in the next couple of months before the film was released in March 1966, having shrugged off his confrontation with Ellison.

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On The Annotated "Frank Sinatra Has A Cold"

@kitten_witawip Yeah, really startling when you realize how radically feminist the rest of society was in 1966.

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On Things Used To Be Better: People

A bicyclist and a doula say yes.

Worst "Vows" ever.

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On Jonathan Franzen And Clay Shirky Fight Over Their Girlfriend, The Internet

I read the whole thing and never once did you mention that you punched Franzen in his smug bespectacled face. Please give me my money back.

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On Poor Hank Paulson: Things Are Actually Worse Now Than Five Years Ago!

@jfruh Well, it depends. If you define "impact" as "random enraged strangers walking up to you in the street and punching you in the nose," then probably Paulson.

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On Youngster Industrious

@Niko Bellic She's in a co-op, where property taxes are generally included in the maintenance: you get a statement at year's end telling you how much of what you paid went to property tax for income tax purposes.

The takeaway here is that if you do happen to have an extra $50K just sitting around doing nothing, you could do worse than to buy an apartment, but that's not exactly an "aha" moment. Most of us if we found ourselves not in significant debt and with $50K or more in cash on hand would do something similar. It's just that practically nobody at 22 (or, for that matter, at 30) finds themselves in that sort of situation. So the point she's making is essentially trivial and anecdotal.

If it's any consolation, that very low price tag for a Village location very likely means this chick is going to spend a whole lot of time on Citibikes, because she's at a minimum 15-20 minutes from the subway.

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On Translations Ample

Pronounced "Uh nassload."

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