On Something Ordinary In The Air

I pay because I don't want to sit next to you Maria. You may smell of wildflowers and be utterly charming, but I don't want to spend 5-14 hours watching you snack, read, watch TV, snore or anything else.
I love communal tables at a restaurant, because I know its only an hour and they don't have to climb over me to get to the bathroom (or at least, not often). I will fly 'coach' only when there is no choice, and I've never flown JetBlue because there is no choice. And I pay for my own travel - I'm no corporate whore. If I can pay an extra 150% for the ability to put up a slide, pretend you don't exist and have a lay flat bed, that is totally worth it to me.
Privacy does not mean Elite. It just means a better journey.

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On Rich Kids Of The Internet: Inside The Astounding Troll-Hole That Is Elite Daily

I am now wholly, terribly fascinated. Kid with some money hires other kids, hopes to make money being an asshat. That has actually worked in the past you know!

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On Liveblogging The New Citibank Commercial

Love that you picked out this spot. The entire premise is false, the execution garbage, the subtext infantile.

Also, worst AK song ever.

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On 'Stranger In A Strange Land': Can You Grok That?

@deepomega Sherlock is absolutely frickin' TERRIBLE. Martin Freeman! Hello! Its sexist and racist and dull. That's a hell of a trifecta. If you must watch Holmes on TV, please dig up the Jeremy Brett version - by far the best video Sherlock ever.

However, you are right about Orson Scott Card vs those two books of his.

I tried rereading this SiSL recently - I couldn't overcome the 'honeys' etc. Stopped me dead. Sorry. I don't find then ironic or of apocryphal interest.

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On Hotel Gets Publicity

The Damson Dene was the star of a reality series in the UK (The Hotel I think). If you saw that, this would make PERFECT sense.
The hotel caters for a lot of 'romantic' holidays.

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On How To Tell A Playwright You Didn’t Like His Play

The piece is spot on.
Those up there who don't get it - I cannot believe you've ever truly done something creative in public.

That moment just after, when you are trying to read your audience, especially those you know well, is utterly terrifying.

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