On Ask Polly: Why Do Guys Dump Me Like a Hot Potato?

Aaaaaaaahhh, such beautiful advice! As soon as I read the word "flinchy" I had an inkling it was Heather Havrilesky and got excited. Best advice-giver around.

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On Inside David Foster Wallace's Private Self-Help Library

I can only assume you're trolling but want to respond nonetheless. He didn't have "barely two books" under his belt. He had two published novels, along with three short-story collections and half a dozen non-fiction books.

Whatever you think of DFW's fiction, if you've actually read even a fraction of his essay writing, I suspect "bloviating" would be the last word you'd use to describe it. Get back under your bridge.


PS "does not automatically apotheosize one as the Messiah to the literati". Pretentious? *Moi?*

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