On Dear Grammy Nominees And Other Attendees

@C_Webb I wore a three piece suit to a wedding at Frankie's about a year ago and it was warm so I wasn't wearing the jacket. I went out front to get some air and a woman leaving Prime Meats said to me "Thank you so much for the great meal. We love your restaurant!" So, yes, I agree.

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On 'The Dark Knight Rises': And Michael Caine Wept

@barnhouse Fair points, especially regarding the bat-promotion (he'd get some pretty kickass rec letters). But I took the shedding of the uniform thing as an example of getting out of the power structure. Add that to the fact that he's not fighting the superheroes for the last half of the movie. He's trying to save the ordinary people in the city. Bruce Wayne stopped donating to the orphanage because he was an out of touch billionaire consumed with his own personal problems. JGL was always there. Maybe I'm giving that part too much credit but I guess I don't buy the weatlhy/powerulf/intelligent vs. "the people" conflict as the real story line here. The uber wealthy/powerful/intelligent people are all basically awful!

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On 'The Dark Knight Rises': And Michael Caine Wept

@barnhouse Wasn't the "credible ordinary Gothamite" who voiced his own opinion and, presumably, that of the people the JGL character? Isn't he the real hero of the movie (i.e. I don't need a mask, I don't care if they know who I am). That was my takeaway at least. Gotham doesn't need Batman or millionaires. It needs good, honest and ordinary people fighting for justice. I suppose the counterargument would be the ending in the cave but I chalked that up as a nod to fanboys.

P.S. I always love these Yakkin about Culture pieces even when I disagree with them.

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On How To Fix The 'New York Post'

I as well read the NYP for (1) The unbelievably good sports section and (2) hate-reading Andrea Peyser/whatever National Review blog post they decide to publish as their op-ed. This will be very helpful in reducing my shame in reading it on the subway.

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On The Members Of 'The Next Bob Dylan' Club

To the Pitchfork writer penning the review of the next Bon Iver album: If you so much as mention Bob Dylan in that review I will absolutely LOSE IT.

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On There Is A New Arcade Fire Song

The song has been taken off the site but it's all over youtube (for now). Also it sounds very soundtrack-y to me? Still good though.

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On Sharon Van Etten Just Going to Be the Latest Lady to Leave Us

@Dan Kois Seconded. And even if she hadn't it wouldn't matter because no one in history has ever gotten tired of listening to her sing and play guitar.

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On The New Julian Barnes Is Worth It

@barnhouse Arthur and George was fantastic. Definitely worth your time if you like his other novels. And I haven't read the memoir yet but now it's next on my list!

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On Nothing Weighs What It Used to Weigh!

God. Does every article today have to be about Chris Christie??

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On Bilinda Butcher Is 50

This is probably too earnest for the internet but this album actually changed my makeup as a person. THERE I SAID IT.

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