On My Superpower Is Being Alone Forever: Party of One

@City_Dater @WaityKatie Yes, at least alone you can ask to switch places or subtly skirt around tall guys. And you don't have to feel like an asshole for bringing your tall boyfriend to the front of the crowd even though you know he doesn't really care. (Those are the guys that I really have an issue with at some select concerts.)

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On My Superpower Is Being Alone Forever: Party of One

Maybe it's because I'm not a dude, but I never really mind going to concerts alone. It's always easier to get a good spot in the crowd when you don't have to worry about a marginally unenthused partner.

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On Where Are the Children Going!

Actually, (part of) it is probably that there are significant number of 9th graders in New York schools who get to high school and yet never technically pass enough classes to move on to the 10th grade, or 11th, or 12th. I teach 10th grade, and roughly 25% of my students are labeled 9th graders in the system (even though it is their second year in high school, they think they are in 10th grade, etc.). For example, the attendance for students supposedly in their 9th grade year at my school is usually around 70%, even though almost 90% of actual first-year 9th graders are in school every day. So there's a disparity! But the children are alive, generally speaking. Unless you ask them about symbolism.

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