On Your Strange Internet Infatuations

I can't be the only one that's developed a strange crush on Jolie, can I?

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On A Chronological History Of Cigarette Smoking, By Brand

Off topic, but since this post is likely to pique her interest, has anyone heard from IBentMyWookie today? Curious about her take on the Conservative win in Canada.

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On Inside The Shady, Dangerous World Of Counterfeit Cheese

Ummmmmmm......... isn't cheese on Sicha's beat? Or do personal obsessions and beats not line up perfectly?

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On The Great Vegan Magazine "Meat Photo" Scandal

Vegan drama is the best drama.

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On Save the Date: Drinks in San Francisco, March 17th

Shit, I should have put my liver in training MONTHS ago. Awesome that this is stumbling distance from my apartment, though.

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On How Gays Split a Check at a Restaurant

Shouldn't this have a "I'm Sorry Jolie Please Come Back" tag?

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On Local Office Manager Stuck in Elevator

Between the players and the joke references to Tumblr, I'm waiting for Abe's insidery/New York media/Tumblr circle jerk comments.

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On Email is Over

I think I might be in love with you.

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On 20 People to Follow on Twitter: #19, Roger Clark

Hey lady! Some of us are dying for an update on how the rest of Bon L(h)iver or whatever the hell you ended up calling it turned out.

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On Types Of Shoe That Look Most Out Of Place On New York City Sidewalks

Topsiders? Talk about Jolie bating.

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