On How To Make Veggie And Chicken Stock

My method for making stock the lazy person's way is in a crockpot/slow cooker. I put it on overnight, strain it in the morning, and I don't have to watch the stove.

When I make chicken stock, it smells so delicious by morning that at 5 AM, I start having fever dreams of enormous feasts like the kind you see on "The Tudors."

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On The Ways That People Pay Their Bills

Checking my credit card balance always stresses me out so I put it off and put it off... then it's sometimes late, because I couldn't take the ten seconds to log in and see when it's due.

I also thought my Amex was a credit card- turns out it's a charge card! What the fuck does that mean, you ask? Oh, it means you have to pay it off in full each month or you get paid a $55 late fee. I had $650 on it and kept wondering why the online bill payer website thing kept saying, "Payment overdue!" when I was putting $25/month towards it. Someone please come and take my Grownup License away.

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On Rental Brokers Are Useless

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On Bolt Bus v. Fung Wah: Which Cheap Bus To Boston Is Least Annoying?

Once I ordered a slice of pizza from the Sbarros next to the Roy Rogers because I was about to pass out from hunger. The lady was like, "Oh we don't have any regular, I can give you a meatball slice." I just took whatever sustenance I could before dying of hypoglycemia on the floor and I got back on the bus and it WASN'T EVEN PIZZA!
It was some pita bread contraption with gray meat clumps on top, no cheese, just another slice of pita/sub bread on top of that.

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On Bolt Bus v. Fung Wah: Which Cheap Bus To Boston Is Least Annoying?

I feel your pain. I interned over there for a year and a half and had to go from Park St. to Packard's Corner and back three days a week. I can't imagine having to do any more than that.

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On Bolt Bus v. Fung Wah: Which Cheap Bus To Boston Is Least Annoying?

Why in the name of all that is good and holy do the BU students need a stop every twenty feet?

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On Bolt Bus v. Fung Wah: Which Cheap Bus To Boston Is Least Annoying?

Breaking my awl commenting virginity to say... thank you for this! I've traveled back and forth from Boston to NY about six times in the past eight weeks due to a senior-year-of-college-get-me-the-fuck-out-of-this-place bout of homesickness. I've been terrified of what the kids call the Fung-Weezy because everyone tells me it's sketchy and that they've almost died on it.
My first Bolt ride was with the funniest driver ever who cracked jokes and looked like Santa Claus. So naturally I was like "BOLT BUS IS AWESOME I LOVE SANTA DRIVER." And then it kind of sucked from then on.
Why the eff do they always stop at the weird Roy Rogers? Every time!
I've had a few bad experiences. Like the extra from Jersey Shore who sat next to me, who sat with his legs faaaaaaar apart and his big steriody arms taking up my personal space. And the two girls from Dartmouth who talked about how smart they were and how great Dartmouth was the WHOLE FOUR HOURS. Or the tweenager who talked about some creepy boy and her friend's herpes outbreak the whole time. Or the mother fucking fourteen year olds oh god I wanted to fucking kill themmmmm.

But usually it's pretty good. The outlets are awesome, except when I sat next to the Pauly-D lookalike I didn't have outlets and I almost killed myself.

P.S. The ABC system is kind of like Southwest's, except for that there's like two A seats and five B seats on each trip. When you're leaving Boston it's a little more civilized but in NY people will cut a bitch to get in front of the C line.

And there is my thesis comment on Bolt Bus, sorry it's twenty six pages long.

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