On Nicolas Cage Is 50

Two words: FACE / OFF


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On Wine + Salt = Yay

http://www.newyorkmouth.com/products/bourbon-smoked-sea-salt Smoke feels somewhat questionable but maybe it's ok, or you can find w/o.

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On Unrealistically Depicted Human All Too Human

@Mr. B @aubergines completely disagree. Eggers' writing is strong IMO and I would go so far as to say (as long as we're being polemical) that far from being a put-on he is he most important and consistently interesting contemporary American writer.

@hershmire except that I can't speak to AHWSG, which never appealed to me. (I even liked VELOCITY.)

@DaveBry can you elaborate on what in text of Zeitoun depiction bothered you so much? You may have rightfully smelled a rat, as it turns out, but I didn't get that at all.

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On Saving the St. Mark's Bookshop (From Itself)

Thanx Awl. DO NOT LIKE when facts intrude on Monday morning Twitter activisms.

(Facts aside I do not regret signing [and "sharing"!] and think CU could help a brother out.)

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On When You May Wear a Button-Down Shirt

These comments may already have been commented but:

1. I think the button-down / button-front / dress shirt confusion might exist only in your own mind. (Maybe bc I'm from the South, where button-downs have always been native, but it's never occurred to me.)

2. Unless I didn't read carefully (entirely possible) you are missing an important genre of button-down wearing. I.e. unbuttoned button-down collar. I believe somewhat Indie Rock in origin (see S. Malkmus) -- half ironic half don't give a F. A good look.

P.s. I otherwise agree with everything you said, and am very glad that you have "surfaced" this important culto-fashional issue.

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