On Death of a Denim Wizard

Ricky the Rat-tailed Russian Dry-Cleaner on Bedford @ N7 next to Spike Hill or whatever it's called does credible jeans repair. More expensive than he used to be but still reasonable. (you need to discuss the repair with him and not one of his counter people.)

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On Nicolas Cage Is 50

Two words: FACE / OFF


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On Wine + Salt = Yay

http://www.newyorkmouth.com/products/bourbon-smoked-sea-salt Smoke feels somewhat questionable but maybe it's ok, or you can find w/o.

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On Unrealistically Depicted Human All Too Human

@Mr. B @aubergines completely disagree. Eggers' writing is strong IMO and I would go so far as to say (as long as we're being polemical) that far from being a put-on he is he most important and consistently interesting contemporary American writer.

@hershmire except that I can't speak to AHWSG, which never appealed to me. (I even liked VELOCITY.)

@DaveBry can you elaborate on what in text of Zeitoun depiction bothered you so much? You may have rightfully smelled a rat, as it turns out, but I didn't get that at all.

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On Saving the St. Mark's Bookshop (From Itself)

Thanx Awl. DO NOT LIKE when facts intrude on Monday morning Twitter activisms.

(Facts aside I do not regret signing [and "sharing"!] and think CU could help a brother out.)

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On When You May Wear a Button-Down Shirt

These comments may already have been commented but:

1. I think the button-down / button-front / dress shirt confusion might exist only in your own mind. (Maybe bc I'm from the South, where button-downs have always been native, but it's never occurred to me.)

2. Unless I didn't read carefully (entirely possible) you are missing an important genre of button-down wearing. I.e. unbuttoned button-down collar. I believe somewhat Indie Rock in origin (see S. Malkmus) -- half ironic half don't give a F. A good look.

P.s. I otherwise agree with everything you said, and am very glad that you have "surfaced" this important culto-fashional issue.

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