On How To Enjoy A Pasty When You're Not In North Michigan

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids -- and pretty much lived in Grand Haven in the summers, so guuurrll, I KNOW about your musical fountain! Anyway, my father developed a pasty obsession when he was going to college up at Michigan Tech in the 70s. I'll have to surprise him with these!

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On My Superpower Is Being Alone Forever: Party of One

@Ivona Poyntz@facebook "DickLit," obvs.

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On The Night Clay Aiken Saved My Life

Wow. Brilliantly written, this.

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On Today's Lottery Winners, Part 2: Woman With Hot Boyfriend Wins Lottery

The fact that you looked him up on Facebook makes me feel incredibly happy and less stalkery in my daily life.

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On Back It Up, Back It Up

I just wanted to pop in to say that last month I fried my MacBook Pro WITH RED WINE, to the point where NOTHING could be recovered from it. By some miracle (boobs), Apple gave me a new machine, which was oddly liberating (denial), but let this be a cautionary tale: Back that ish UP.

Also, don't get drunk with your best friend over Skype.

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